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Part #FWTWW-16


Special order lengths and widths are available. E-mail us or call Toll-free 1-800-374-9353.

Manufacturer: Flange Wizard Inc.
Wizard Wrap, Small For 2-5/8" to 30" Pipe
Price: $12.19 Each

Wizard Wrap is a non-asbestos, high density, heat resistant (up to 360° F) product for pipe layout. Tape Measures printed on Wizard Wraps eliminate the need for an extra tape measure, and makes markup easier.

A "Circumference & Quartering" scale in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 circumferences, and the exact, actual pipe diameter for 2" through 30" pipe is on the outside.

Packaged in a durable, reusable container that will hold up in your tool box.