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Part #LNCK3477-2

  • Input Power: 200-208/ 230/ 380/ 460/ 575/ 1/ 3/ 50/ 60
  • Rated Output / Current / Duty Cycle:
    60A / 140V / 100%
    80A / 140V / 80%
    100A / 140V / 60%
  • Cut Capacity:
    Recommended: 1"
    Maximum: 1-1/4"
    Severance: 1-1/2"
  • Output Range: 25 - 100A
  • Air Pressure Required: 87-109psi
  • Air Flow Rate: 80psi @ 380 SCFH
  • Weight: 110.28 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17.9"h x 11.8"w x 25.4"d
Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
Tomahawk 1500 One-Pak, 50' Torch
Plasma Cutting Machine

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Price: $4,986.00 Each

Truck or Mfg. Direct Ship Only

If you’re cutting fine artwork or fabricating steel parts in a production setting, you will need a plasma machine that will give you the cleanest and fastest cuts possible. Heavy duty at 100 amps, 60% Duty Cycle, the Tomahawk® 1500 plasma cutting power source brings power and flexibility to hand-held torch cutting applications. Built-on a proven inverter platform, the Tomahawk 1500 is a constant current, plasma cutting power source that delivers faster cut speeds, optimal cut performance, and durability. The result is a superior cut with minimal dross – which minimizes the need for a secondary finishing operation. Tomahawk initiates the plasma arc with a simple yet reliable touch-start mechanism that eliminates many of the failure problems associated with high-frequency start systems. The control system includes a Parts-in-Place™ feature to ensure that the consumables are in place before the cutting or gouging process can be initiated. The air regulator and pressure gauge are standard features, and the accompanying hand-held torch and consumable starter kit enables the user to get started right out of the box. If you value cut quality, productivity and lower operating costs, then go ahead and make the cut with Tomahawk 1500.

Special Features:

  • Cut fine artwork or fabricate steel parts in a production setting
  • Heavy duty 100 amps 60% Duty Cycle hand-held torch cutting (3 phase only)
  • Proven inverter platform that delivers faster cut speeds, optimal cut performance, and durability
  • Superior cut with minimal dross to minimize the need for secondary finishing
  • Simple yet reliable touch-start mechanism

Includes: LC105 hand torch 50 ft. (15 m) lead (K2849-2) and cable with electrode, nozzle 100A, swirl ring, retaining cap (contact), drag shield cap 100A, Tomahawk 1500 Plasma Cutter, Air regulator and pressure gauge, Internal water separator, Work clamp and 25 ft. (7.5 m) cable, Input power cord, Consumable Starter Kit for LC105 Torch (KP4141-20) includes (2) electrodes, (2) nozzles 100A, (1) swirl ring