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Product's may contain one or more substances or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

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SDS Information

SDS Information

Below are links to manufacturer's sites providing U.S. Safety Data Sheets for their products.

These Safety Data Sheets are all offered in Adobe's Portable Document Format (.PDF). In order to view these files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, but the program is available as a free download from Adobe's Web Site.

Air Products - A site for SDSs covering industrial gases & chemicals.

Matheson Tri Gas - A site for SDSs covering packaged industrial gases & chemicals.

Chemtane2 Fuel Gas - The SDSs for the proprietary fuel gas, Chemtane2. Click the link in the first paragraph for printable PDF views.

ITW / Hobart - Here you'll find SDS product information about McKay filler metals, Tri-Mark electrodes, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), and Hobart product lines.

Harris Products Group. - Here you'll find SDS product information about Harris filler metals.

The Lincoln Electric Company - A site with over 300 "SDS" documents for Lincoln Electric Welding Consumables.

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Barnes Welding Supply Gas SDS Forms

SDS Doc # Product Name
G-001 Oxygen
G-002 Acetylene
G-003 Nitrous Oxide
G-004 Hydrogen
G-005 Helium
G-006 Argon
G-007 Nitrogen
G-008 Carbon Dioxide
G-032 Carbon Dioxide, Solid - Dry Ice
G-033 Ethylene
G-056 Methane
G-057 Propane
G-058 Isobutane
G-059 Ethane
G-098 Helium, Refrigerated Liquid
G-099 Carbon Dioxide, Refrigerated Liquid
G-102 Oxygen, Refrigerated Liquid
G-103 Nitrogen, Refrigerated Liquid
G-104 Argon, Refrigerated Liquid
G-106 C-Type Mixes
G-107 A-Type Mixes
G-108 E-Type Mixes
G-109 B-Type Mixes
G-112 PCS Mix - Hydrogen Sulfide in Nitrogen
G-133 CO2 in AIR (1 - 50%)
G-135 G-Type Mixes
G-136 Racing Grade Nitrous Oxide
G-137 J-Type Mixes
G-150 Methane-Balance Argon 2.2
G-151 Methane-Balance Argon 2.1
G-172 Propane / Nitrogen
G-173 Q-Type Mixes
G-176 NI-CD-OX
G-178 NI-NO-SD
G-179 NI-IB
G-180 NO-CO2 in NI
G-181 Propane / Air
G-182 NI-NO
G-183 NI-CD-CM
G-184 NI-CM
G-185 NI-SD
G-186 Ammonia in Nitrogen
G-187 Methane in Air
G-188 CO-NO-SD in NI
G-189 Propylene
G-190 CO-NO in NI
G-191 Sulfur Hexafluoride
G-192 Air
G-193 F-Type Mixes
G-194 Carbon Monoxide
G-195 CO2-OX USP Mix
G-196 HY in NI (< 5.7%)
G-197 HY in NI (5.7% - 99%)
G-198 CO2-NI-HE
G-199 NO 2.31
SDS Doc # Product Name
G-200 NO2 Bal Inert Gas Mix
G-203 Lung Diffusion Mix (CO-NE-OX-NI)
G-204 CD-OX (< 23%)
G-205 Krypton
G-206 Sulfur Dioxide
G-207 H-Type Mixes
G-208 Lung Diffusion Mix (CO-ME-Air)
G-209 Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen in Nitrogen
G-210 H2S-NI
G-211 SO2 in Air
G-212 SO2-Pentene-CO In Air
G-213 HY in AR
G-214 H2 in AR
G-215 CO2-NI-HY
G-216 CO/CO2/HE/NI MIX Laser 2
G-217 Bar Gas Calibration Mixtures
G-218 Multigas HC
G-219 Ammonia, Anhydrous
G-220 D-Type Mixes
G-221 Quad Mix (CH4-CO-HE-AIR)
G-222 W-Type Mixes
G-224 NI in Methane
G-226 N2-CH4-H2S - CS Mixture
G-227 HY-AR-N2
G-228 H2S-CH4-O2
G-229 CO-HY in NI
G-230 Butane in Air
G-231 1-Butene
G-232 Hydrogen Chloride
G-233 1-Pentene
G-234 Mulitigas Hydrocarbon Blend
G-235 H2S-CD-in Methane
G-236 H2S in Methane
G-237 I-Type Mixes
G-238 Propylene in NI
G-239 Lung Difussion Test Mixture
G-240 Silane
G-241 Butane
G-242 Ethylene in Air
G-277 Y-Type Mixes
G-278 Y-Type Mixes
G-279 Isopropyl Alcohol
G-280 Ethanol
G-282 Multigas Mixture bal. Methane