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The View As of September 1st, 2017
By Red Barnes, Chairman of the Board
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Cutmaster 60i

This cycle we are featuring THERMAL DYNAMICS Cutmaster 60i (TDC1-5630-1) hand held plasma cutter. The 60i cutter will operate at 60 amps output 50% duty cycle and 40 Amps output at 100 % duty cycle. The input voltage is auto detected from 208 to 480 Volts AC. The unit comes with a SL60QD cutting torch that will quick disconnect from the 20 ft. cable. This allows the torch or cable to be replaced individually. The recommended cut capacity is 5/8 inch but it has a sever capacity of 1 ½ inches and a piercing capacity of 5/8. The power requirement for the unit is 43 Amps at 208 volts, 39 Amps at 230 volts and 19 Amps when running on 480 Volts. This unit will operate from 90 to 125 psig at 5 to 8.5 cfm. There is a 5 micron filter in the line to protect the torch. The SL60QD torch requires 75 psig at 6.7 cfm of air to operate correctly. The power supply dimensions are 21 x7 x14 inches and it only weighs 37 pounds.

The large high visibility display is easy to read from a distance. It has an end of life indicator that alerts you when it is time to replace one of the only 3 consumable parts.

Welder's Kneeling Pad

For you guys out there with “Old Knees” we have added The TILLMAN Welder's Kneeling Pad (TIL563-1224). this high quality pad is a large 12 x 24 inch light weight dense foam pad covered with durable split leather cow hide and sewn with spark resistant Kevlar thread.

If you do a lot of welding standing up and the hot slag is destroying your work shoes you might want to look at the TILLMAN Shoe Spats (TIL527CL). The heavy duty leather protection comes up 7 inches on the ankle and down over the top of your shoes. There are rivets at the stress points and it is assembled with Kevlar thread. There are leather straps to secure them to your shoes.


We now stock the METABO Brand of corded 120 volt hand grinders:

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